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These are only sample outlines - a place to begin.  We will work together to create the ceremony that is truly yours, but it is always nice to have someplace from which to begin.

Outline - General

Seating of the guests and parents
Opening Remarks
Readings and Rituals
Statement of Purpose
Exchange of Vows
Ring Exchange
Closing Remarks
Declaration of Marriage

Outline - Religious

Prelude (seating of the guests)
Honor Seating (parents, grandparents, etc.)
Procession of Bridal Party and Bride
Opening Prayer
Statement of Consent
Readings and/or Songs
Homily (wedding address)
Exchange of Vows
Ring Blessing and Exchange of Rings
Prayers / Blessings / Other Ceremonies (Unity Candle, Lasso, etc.)
Pronouncement of Marriage
Introduction of Couple

Outline - Religious - Catholic (no Mass)

Entrance Rite and Opening Prayer
Statement of Intentions
Exchange of Vows
Blessing and Exchange of Rings
Prayer of the Faithful
Nuptial Blessing
Lord's Prayer and Final Blessing
Introduction of the Couple

Some Sample Wedding Vows (non-religious)

The exchange of vows are the heart of the wedding ceremony.  Like the outlines, these samples are offered simply as a beginning point.  Use, modify, combine elements from the various options to create vows most expressive of your intentions and love for each other.  Many couples choose to write their own vows.

I_____, take you, _______,
To be my wedded wife/husband,
To have and to hold,
From this day forward,
For better, for worse,
For richer, for poorer,
In sickness and in health,
To love and to cherish,
Till death do we part.
I_____, choose you, ____,
In the presence of our friends and families,
To be my wife/husband and partner
From this time forward;
To love you,
To be a comfort and safe haven in your life,
To hold you close,
To listen deeply when you speak,
To nourish you with my gentleness,
To uphold you with my strength,
To weigh the effects of the words I speak
And the things I do,
To never take you for granted,
And to always give thanks for your presence in my life.
_______, in the presence of our friends and family,
I offer myself to you in my entirety,
And I accept and love you
Without condition.
I promise to support you when you need help.
I promise to turn to you when I need help.
I promise to hold you when you are sad.
I promise to smile with you when you are happy.
My love for you reaches higher than the mountains
And deeper than the sea.
______, I choose to share
the rest of my life with you.
_____, I choose you
to be my lifelong partner.
I offer myself completely to you
And promise to be faithful and at your side,
Honoring and loving you
Each and every day,
Now and forever,
Wherever our life may lead us.
I, ________, choose you, ______ ,
To be my wife/husband.
I will respect you, care for you,
And grow with you,
Through good times and hard times,
As your friend, companion, and partner,
Giving the best that I can,
To fulfill our lives together.
I,_____, cherish you, ____,
For being all that you are,
All that you are not,
And all that you can be.
Know that I am here for you,
And that your pain will be mine,
And your joy mine as well.
All I ask is you - your love - your trust - your caring.
I choose you to be my wife/husband.
I take you, _____,
To be my wife/husband,
From this day forward,
To join with you
And share all that is to come.
I promise to be faithful to you
Until death parts us.