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During my 25+ years working with couples preparing for marriage, I have come to see first hand the value of good preparation. I have a lot of experience in helping couples prepare for a life together through my work in parishes, retreat centers and marriage enrichment programs. Such preparation is designed to help couples learn more about themselves and their unique relationship.

Some of the topics I work with couples on include:
- the changing nature of marriage
- personal growth
- adjusting to your new life as a married couple
- mutual decision making
- effective communication
- faith issues
- conflict management
- intimacy and sexual expression
- financial issues
- the extended family
- when children come

Although I do not require couples to be part of a comprehensive marriage preparation program, I am available for those couples wishing such a program. I will work with you as a couple over a 4 – 6 session period to prepare you not just for your wedding day but for your married life.

I am also available to married couples for marriage counseling and enhancement.